Institut für Numerische Mathematik (Math D)
Dr. Vladimir Lotoreichik
Since the 1st of April 2015 I am working at Nuclear Physics Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences in the group of Prof. Pavel Exner.
My actual Homepage is changed.
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Institut für Numerische Mathematik
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RaumC 315
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Scientific interests:
  • Spectral theory of ordinary and partial differential operators
  • Abstract operator theory
  • Mathematical physics
Organized events:
    Mini-Workshop: Schrödinger operators with δ-interactions on manifolds, 24 September 2013.
  • PhD Thesis, Singular values and trace formulae for resolvent power differences of self-adjoint elliptic operators, adviser Prof. Dr. Jussi Behrndt, TU Graz, 2012.
  • Master Thesis (in Russian), Point perturbations of Schroedinger operators on Riemannian manifolds and fractal sets, adviser: Prof. Dr. Igor Yu. Popov, NRU ITMO, 2008.