Martin Schanz, Olaf Steinbach (eds.)
Boundary Element Analysis: Mathematical Aspects and Applications.
Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics, vol. 29, Springer, 2007.
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This volume is dedicated to Wolfgang L. Wendland in occasion of this 70th birthday in 2006.

Table of Contents
1-27 Martin Costabel
Some historical remarks on the positivity of boundary integral operators.
29-59Carsten Carstensen, Dirk Praetorius
Averaging techniques for a posteriori error control in finite element and boundary element analysis.
61-95Ulrich Langer, Olaf Steinbach
Coupled finite and boundary element domain decomposition methods.
97-112Matthias Maischak, Ernst P. Stephan
The hp-version of the boundary element method for the Lame equation in 3D.
113-134Wolfgang Hackbusch, Wendy Kress, Stefan A. Sauter
Sparse convolution quadrature for time domain boundary integral formulations of the wave equation by cut off and panel clustering.
135-160Günther Of
Fast multipole methods and applications.
161-185Yoshihiro Otani, Toru Takahashi, Naoshi Nishimura
A fast boundary integral equation method for elastodynamics in time domain and its parallelization.
187-212Marc Bonnet, Nicolas Nemitz
FM-BEM and topological derivative applied to acoustic inverse scattering.
213-248Ralf Hiptmair
Boundary element methods for eddy current computation.
249-279Stefan Kurz, Oliver Rain, Sergej Rjasanow
Fast boundary element methods in computational electromagnetism.
281-352Zoran Andjelic, Jasmin Smajic, Michael Conry
BEM-based simulations in engineering design.