Institut für Numerische Mathematik (Math D)
RNDr. Petra Pustejovska, Ph.D.

Topics of Interest
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Mathematical modeling of non-Newtonian fluids
  • Blood flow modeling
  • Membrane transport
  • Chemically reacting fluids
  • Preprints:
    • M. Bulicek, P. Pustejovska: Existence analysis for a model describing flow of an incompressible chemically reacting non-Newtonian fluid preprint 0713
    • L. John, P. Pustejovska, O. Steinbach: On hemodynamic indicators related to aneurysm blood flow preprint 0613
    • J. Hron, P. Pustejovska: Comparison of stabilized finite element methods for simulation of flow of diluted polymeric liquids preprint 0513

  • Published
    • M. Bulicek and P. Pustejovska: On existence analysis of steady flows of generalized Newtonian fluids with concentration dependent power-law index, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 402(1):157-166, 2013.
    • J. Hron, M. Neuss-Radu and P. Pustejovska: Mathematical modeling and simulation of flow in domains separated by leaky semipermeable membrane including osmotic effect, Applications of Mathematics, 56(1):51–68, 2011.
    • J. Hron, J. Malek, P. Pustejovska and K. R. Rajagopal: On the modeling of the synovial fluid, Advances in Tribology, vol. 2010, 2010.

  • PhD Thesis, Extended Abstract of Doctoral Thesis
    • P. Pustějovská: Biochemical and mechanical processes in synovial fluid – modeling, analysis and computational simulations.
      Defended: March 23rd, 2012.
      pdf file
    • P. Pustějovská: Abstract of doctoral thesis.
      pdf file