Fast Boundary Element Methods in Industrial Applications 2004
M. Bebendorf (Leipzig) Fast iterative or fast direct solution of boundary element systems
S. Börm (Leipzig) H2 matrices with adaptive cluster bases
J. Breuer (Stuttgart) The coupling of electrical eddy current heat production and air cooling
A. Buchau (Stuttgart) FMM based solution of electrostatic and magnetostatic field problems on a PC-cluster
B. Cranganu-Cretu (Baden-Daettwil) A Direct Boundary Integral Equation Method for Mixed Dielectric-PEC Scatters
J. Djokic (Leipzig) Efficient update of H matrices
L. Grasedyck (Leipzig) Adaptive coarsening of hierarchical matrices
M. Maischak (Hannover) Numerical simulation of electrostatic spray painting
G. Of (Stuttgart) Adaptive boundary element methods in industrial applications
C. Pechstein (Linz) Coupled FETI/BETI for Nonlinear Potential Problems
D. Pusch (Linz) Comparison of geometric and algebraic multigrid for data-sparse boundary element matrices
M. Schanz (Braunschweig) Numerical aspects of a poroelastic time domain boundary element formulation